Gareth The gentle git code review system

Gareth is a web based code review system intended to work with git repositories.

No hacks requiring verbose cli commands, custom programs, or fragile commit message amendments.

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The git way

Doing things the way one usually uses git is one of Gareth's core focuses.

We don't use any hacks like verbose non-standard push commands or custom commands necessary for installation.

Our review strategy is based on the way public repos and pull requests work streamlined into a review system.


Gareth is currently under development and not ready for practical use yet.

Feel free to fork our repo and help move the project forwards. Feel free to send pull requests until Gareth is mature enough for us to use ourself.

Jump in and code

Gareth is going to be a large project with many separate areas. If you're looking for something isolated from the rest of the system we need to have implemented you can look over our CONTRIBUTOR-PROJECTS for projects to work on.